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Digital money and digital authentication are crucial to e-commerce. Both topics, however, are widely subject to security concerns with respect to hacking, fraud, and identity theft.
Payment procedures currently applied are either out of date, such as coins and paper money along with ATMs and cashier's desks, or, in case of state-of-the-art electronic money payment procedures by means of bank and credit cards or mobile phone applets, they imply the risks of loss of device, internet fraud, data phishing and abuse of personal data. Moreover, these procedures mostly require points of sale, hence they are tied to a certain place.
Information technology and systems engineering are the keywords of what we are dealing with. All SUPRA Systems staff draw from their profound technical expertise and decades of professional experience. Against this background, we believe that we can meet the challenge of creating a significant improvement in efficiency, data security and handling comfort of mobile payment procedures.
The idea is not to implement another boring app enhanced by another sophisticated encryption algorithm. We are led by system technology principles to find an adequate solution.
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